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Assurit’s Vulnerability Assessment services help you understand and improve your existing security posture while reducing the possibility of a successful attack.

Take a Sensible Approach

  • Identify
  • Assess
  • Eliminate

Assurit’s vulnerability assessments are geared towards not only identifying vulnerabilities, but also prioritizing them based on criteria such as likelihood of the vulnerability being exploited and its severity. Identify the highest risk assets and fix them first.



Understand Your Network

Rogue devices or unpatched machines are not the only concern to an organization. Unnecessary open shares and ports, dangerous scripts, third-party applications, default passwords, and incorrect permissions are some examples of areas that we consider as part of our vulnerability assessment service.

Go Beyond Fixing Vulnerabilities

Running traditional flat networks is an outdated assumption based on the fact everything on the inside of an organization’s network is trusted. Don’t spend all your time addressing vulnerabilities. By segmenting the network into a multi-layered structure and applying appropriate controls, we can prevent threat agents or actions from reaching your sensitive, high-value assets.

Assurit Vulnerability Assessment Services

Our Vulnerability Assessment engagements include:

Prioritized Results

The main challenge faced by organizations are the overwhelming amount of IT assets, how to prioritize the critical vulnerabilities and remove false positives, and how to remediate the vulnerabilities in a timely manner to reduce the likelihood of a hacker exploiting any one of these vulnerabilities.

Vulnerability Assessment Reports

Our Vulnerability Assessment Reports include device information, vulnerabilities discovered, severity ratings, and prioritized recommendations. Every report contains elements such as an Executive Summary, Top 10 Findings, etc. that can be used to determine patterns, broken processes and trends.

Option for Reruns

After fixing the issues identified in the Vulnerability Assessment Report, we offer the option to rerun the tests that identified issues at a discounted cost. This way you know the steps you took to address the findings were successful and no new vulnerabilities resulted as part of your fix.

Optimize Your Efforts

Instead of strictly focusing on vulnerabilities that exist in your current environment, we can help you evaluate and reduce your overall attack surface through aggressive implementation of least privilege and elimination of unnecessary services and systems.