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  • SBA 8(a)
  • ISO 9001:2015
  • ISO/IEC 27001:2013
  • ISO/IEC 20000-1:2018
  • CMMI-SVC ML3 v2.0
  • CAGE 6VE87
  • UEI DL3JL6J1XG98

Assurit Threat Hunting Services include an in-depth inspection of your environment to identify threats and attack vectors while minimizing damage and the likelihood of a business disruption.

The Need

Cyber threat hunting assumes a mindset that your organization’s environment has already been breached because existing controls have failed. Proactively searching your network for undiscovered attackers (past and present) can help you detect incidents sooner and find threats you wouldn’t have caught otherwise. Traditional signature-based intrusion detection systems are no longer sufficient to combat techniques used by attackers such as fileless malware and readily available tools on systems to move laterally or exfiltrate information quietly from the network.

cybersecurity requirement

value of threat hunting

Our Value Proposition

Assurit can help you not only determine if your environment has been compromised by a sophisticated attacker, but also understand the true impact of any discovered breach.  We provide recommendations on security architecture and controls to make your environment more resilient thereby increasing your confidence in your system’s integrity and data confidentiality. Finally, we also provide actionable guidance on next steps to respond to and eradicate identified threats.

Be Proactive

Threat hunting is used these days to become aware of hidden threats (e.g., malware) lurking in the background and, ultimately, identify attackers who have already established some sort of presence with the organization’s environment. By being proactive, Assurit can help you identify any adversaries who have already breached your defenses and found ways to establish a malicious presence on your network.

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Assurit Threat Hunting Services

Our Threat Hunting engagements include:

experienced threat hunting professionals

Experienced Teams

Assurit staff are threat hunters who are curious and creative. We begin a hunt by crafting a hypothesis about particular activities or threats that might be present in your organization’s environment. Our threat hunters are skilled with multiple tools, such as SIEM, malware analysis sandboxes, intrusion detection and prevention, etc. We know how to get the most benefit from every tool and recognize the limits of each tool.

thorough threat hunting analysis

Thorough Analysis

Prior to collecting data, Assurit experts engage with your team to understand specific concerns. Once the engagement is underway, we use a battery of hunting tools and proprietary hunting technology to scan your environment. Our analysts perform intensive analysis of your logs, screen for threat indicators across your firewalls, DNS and proxy servers, and scan your endpoints for indicators of compromise or an attacker’s presence.

threat hunting reports

Reports and Remediation Actions

Every engagement comes with a detailed report that includes details on the scoped internal and external attack surfaces. Specifics include detection of indicators of compromise (IOC), malicious network traffic, registry/file system changes, and identification of malicious processes and files present on the in-scope systems. For issues identified, we provide a remediation roadmap with guidance on the appropriate remediation steps.