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  • SBA 8(a)
  • ISO 9001:2015
  • ISO/IEC 27001:2013
  • ISO/IEC 20000-1:2018
  • CMMI-SVC ML3 v2.0
  • CAGE 6VE87
  • UEI DL3JL6J1XG98

Assurit Tabletop and Simulated Exercise Services help organizations test their incident response process to determine whether it is effective and how it can be improved before an actual incident occurs.

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Understanding Your Profile

As part of every engagement we conduct an on-site workshop with key individuals and introduce evolving scenario injects based on known attacker behavior, tactics and techniques. This helps us develop an understanding of your organization’s threat profile, operational environment and specific areas of concern.

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Preparedness Evaluation

Assurit can help your organization conduct quick, efficient, non-invasive evaluations of your readiness in case of an incident. We will identify gaps between documented and expected responses and actual behavior and provide recommendations for improvement informed by real-world incident response best practices.

Compliant Approach. Real-world Scenarios.

Our tabletop and simulated exercise methodology is based on guidelines from NIST SP 800-61, as well as ISACA Frameworks and Controls. This guidance, tailored with our experience gained in real-world breach response engagements, will enable your organization to gain practical experience in breach response by exposing you to existing and emerging threat actors, as well as their rapidly changing tactics, techniques and procedures.

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Assurit Tabletop and Simulated Exercises Services

Our Tabletop and Simulated Exercises engagements include:

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Scenario Development

Assurit understands that the best scenarios are the ones that present enough information and clues that make it appear as a real incident rather than a made up one. The most interesting exercises might chain together as the incident plays through. Let us help you design your scenario in a way that lets your team discover gaps and issues during the engagement.

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Tabletop Exercise

In a discussion-based tabletop exercise, Assurit can facilitate staff discussion on their roles and responses in hypothetical situations. A discussion-based tabletop exercise is a great starting point because it doesn’t require extensive preparation or resources. Its purpose is primarily to test your team’s understanding of their incident response roles.

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Simulation Exercise

Assurit can help you test your organization’s incident response processes through a live walk-through that has been highly choreographed and planned. This exercise allows team members to experience how events actually happen in semi-real time, helping them better understand their roles.

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Playbook Development

Assurit can help you develop and document your incident response playbook. This essentially ensures that everyone in your organization is on the same page, knows what their role is, and will execute processes the same way in the event of an actual incident.

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Executive Briefings

As part of each engagement, Assurit will provide an executive briefing on lessons learned from the exercises. This includes a summary of how participants worked with the organization’s incident response plan, communications plan and escalation procedure.

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Report and Actions Plan

We always provide a post-action report with a timeline of events, detailed analysis of participant and stakeholder activities with strategic and tactical recommendations for improving detection, response, containment and remediation.