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Assurit’s Risk Management services will comprehensively evaluate your enterprise in order to recommend and support bolstering defenses to improve your organization’s resiliency.

Make Well-Informed Decisions

To begin the risk management process, the risks to your corporate assets must be fully understood. This understanding helps you make well-informed decisions on whether to accept, mitigate, or transfer those risks.


Review Your Risk Posture

  • assets
  • threats
  • vulnerabilities

Assurit’s risk management service provides your organization with an independent review of your risk posture by identifying assets and evaluating the threats and vulnerabilities that could adversely affect them.

Implement Sound & Efficient Strategies

Our team can recommend and support bolstering defenses to improve your organization’s resiliency by introducing sound and efficient strategies to help you monitor, manage and mitigate risk with measurable results.

  • monitor
  • manage
  • mitigate
  • measure

Assurit Risk Management Services

Our Risk Management engagements include:

Risk Identification

We’ll identify potential impacts based on the source of risks associated with cyber-related business disruptions, compromised data, and intellectual property.

Gap Analysis

We’ll evaluate your current security strategy, policies, and governance program and propose a prioritized remediation plan based on federal requirements and/or industry best practices.

Control Implementation

We’ll work with you to implement security controls that help organizations identify, detect, prevent, respond to, and recover from cyber threats. This will ensure you are not only compliant, but secure in the event of an attack.

Process Improvement

We’ll use proven methodologies and industry knowledge to identify security measures (people, processes and technology) and process improvement opportunities across your organization.

Compliance Monitoring

We’ll assess your organization’s current compliance monitoring capabilities against established standards and policies to identify any federal or statutory compliance gap. We will help you meet regulatory requirements by scheduling routine risk assessments to ensure that your organization remains compliant.