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Assurit’s Privacy and Data Protection services prioritize preventive defenses around highly sensitive data to detect when attackers get past network, application, and infrastructure controls.

Understand Your Data Landscape

Only by understanding your sensitive data and its whereabouts can you address your business challenges, areas of vulnerabilities and emerging risks.

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Ensure Compliance and a Competitive Edge

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  • consistently
  • cost-effectively

By proactively addressing privacy issues in a consistent and cost-effective manner your organization can maintain regulatory compliance and a competitive edge in today’s global economy.

Know Your Maturity

While the business value of protecting sensitive data is clear, it is equally important to understand the organization’s tolerance for risk and maturity of its practices around privacy and data protection.

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Assurit Privacy and Data Protection Services

Our Privacy and Data Protection engagements include:

Compliant Framework

We can help you build an integrated privacy compliance and risk framework that effectively and efficiently addresses all requirements.

Best Practices

We provide an objective evaluation of your privacy and data protection controls, mechanisms, and goals based on proven industry best practices.

Sensitive Information Inventories

We can help you establish inventories of the business processes and high value assets that handle high-risk and sensitive information.

Sensitive Information Classification

Not all information is sensitive and not all sensitive information has the same level of risk. As part of our engagement, we will develop a classification of sensitive information based on criteria that is applicable to your unique organization.

Scorecards and Metrics

We will implement scorecards and metrics to monitor and convey potential for sensitive data loss and areas of vulnerability on a continuous basis as required for your regulatory compliance requirements.