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  • SBA 8(a)
  • ISO 9001:2015
  • ISO/IEC 27001:2013
  • ISO/IEC 20000-1:2018
  • CMMI-SVC ML3 v2.0
  • CAGE 6VE87
  • UEI DL3JL6J1XG98

Assurit Governance and Cyber Program Development Services help organizations bind together all the core elements of cyber defense and effective risk management.

cybersecurity framework icon

Security Framework

By focusing on security requirements that originate from the top of the organization, Assurit can build security strategies that help you move from reacting in crisis mode to having a proactive, value-added governance framework.

cybersecurity technical controls

Right People, Right Role

  • prevent
  • detect
  • react

While implementing the proper cyber security technical controls and processes is important, effective security governance starts by having the right roles and responsibilities at all levels of the organization to prevent, detect, and react to cyber events.

cybersecurity governance

Maintain Resiliency

By establishing a pro-active governance model, your organization will be able to withstand disruptions and adapt to new risk environments by being prepared.

Assurit Governance and Cyber Program Development

Our Governance and Cyber Program Development engagements include:

cybersecurity framework

Cybersecurity Framework Development

We can help you build a cybersecurity framework that not only contains a complete set of management tools, but also includes a comprehensive risk management approach covering the entirety of your organization.

cybersecurity performance

Monitor and Measure Performance

Monitoring and measuring the performance of information security governance efforts ensures that objectives are being achieved and resources are managed appropriately. We can help you increase the operational efficiency and efficacy of your program.

cybersecurity governance scorecards

Governance Scorecards

To get a true appreciation of your security posture, the effectiveness of security controls must be tracked continuously over time. We can help build scorecards that allow your organization to track your efforts and make informed decisions.