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  • What is Cybersecurity?

    by Sunny K. Tuteja

    So what does that really mean to you? You own or utilize information systems daily. Maybe they’re in a data center – or maybe they’re in the cloud. These systems contain your data. Trade secrets. PII. Maybe even some embarrassing photos. Whether you realize it or not, your systems and data are constantly under attack….

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  • Beneath the Surface of the Web

    by Thang D. Pham

    Dark Web has recently become a household term thanks to companies offering Dark Web scans as a free add-on to other identity and credit monitoring services. The truth is, however, that the Dark Web has been around for many years. So, what is it and why should you care?

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  • The Great Compliance Debate

    by Jonathan L. Perez

    The NIST Risk Management Framework and security controls have dominated the public and private sector as the go-to guideline for a tailored way to approach the security of networks and applications. But does following NIST guidelines and achieving an Authority to Operate make you secure?

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  • We Assure It

    by Denise L. Pho

    You may be wondering, what’s with the name Assurit? And how do you pronounce it? We assure you, we understand!

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