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  • SBA 8(a)
  • ISO 9001:2015
  • ISO/IEC 27001:2013
  • ISO/IEC 20000-1:2018
  • CMMI-SVC ML3 v2.0
  • CAGE 6VE87
  • UEI DL3JL6J1XG98

Assurit Audit Readiness Services provide the confidence that you are prepared for your industry-specific IT audits by working collaboratively with you throughout the entire audit life-cycle.

Assess Your Audit Readiness

By reviewing applicable elements of Federal and commercial audit requirements, Assurit can provide your organization with key insights to improve your ability to meet audit criteria.

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Holistic Approach

At Assurit, we gather information to eliminate risks to the business through an institutional lens and expose vulnerabilities that impact the vital processes and key assets. This in turn ensures compliance through proper security – not by implementing security measures just to be compliant.

Address High-Risk Areas

Insufficient documentation and inefficient design are known to be the root causes of IT security incidents and the primary reason for non-compliance. Assurit’s combination of standardized assessment methodologies and best practices can help your organization address high-risk IT threats and areas of non-compliance.

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Assurit Audit Readiness Services

Our Audit Readiness engagements include:

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Mitigation Planning

We can help you develop and implement short and long-term mitigation solutions and strategies to proactively address findings that may have a negative impact on your compliance status.

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Remediation & Monitoring

We can help you reduce the number of subsequent audit findings by addressing areas of deficiency upfront and communicating known issues accurately.

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Standardized Audit Processes

We can help your organization institutionalize a proactive stance for on-going audits to reduce stress and increase efficiency by standardizing supporting artifacts and associated processes.